Interica OneView is the platform for the E&P sector to discover, analyse, and automate petrotechnical application data management. Uncover hidden knowledge. Visualise, integrate, and enable.

5 reasons to upgrade to Interica OneView

  • Advanced metadata extraction on discovery of projects means; richer metadata, more valuable archives & faster performance
  • Open RESTful API enabling data sharing and federation with other apps
  • Cloud ready with Microsoft Azure and AWS S3 protocols
  • Analytics & AI ready – business insights and automation.
  • Dynamic new HTML5 interface including ESRI ArcGIS mapping for an intuitive user experience

Integrating with many 3rd party applications

  • 30+ connectors for a wide variety of petrotechnical applications from industry leading vendors- Schlumberger, Petrosys, Halliburton, Ellis, IHS, and Paradigm and more.
  • Interica OneView supports Schlumberger’s DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
  • Compare application project content cross application
  • Supporting open industry standards including; OSDU and PPDM
  • View project content; seismic and well data within projects to gain a holistic view of the project data landscape

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