Introducing RoQC Integrator for Interica OneView

 Join Interica and RoQC on 9th September 2020, 9 AM & 4 PM UK (BST) / 10 AM & 5 PM Norway (CEST) as we introduce you to the new integration between RoQC Tools for Petrel and Interica OneView (including PARS).

During the webinar we will demonstrate how users can now initiate Interica OneView archive workflows from within the RoQC tools interface, allowing you to:

  • make archival and retrieval decisions based on data quality factors
  • streamline the work processes
  • seamlessly deliver improved decision-making capabilities directly to the Data Manager

Interica OneView collects rich metadata across the petrotechnical application environment, it enables customers to discover, analyse and act on their projects and data. Combining these workflows with RoQC’s advanced Data Quality management capabilities delivers a powerful new solution for Data Managers with automated capabilities an added cost saving.

The webinar is being run live twice to allow attendees from multiple time zones. Please select and register for a time that suits you.

9th September 2020

9:00 AM (BST) / 10:00 AM (CEST)



9th September 2020

4:00 PM (BST) / 5:00 PM (CEST)



RoQC Tools for Petrel and Interica OneView