epSHARE: Effective management of changing work environments

Effectively managing the ever-changing working environments we find ourselves having to deal with, such as; access to reliable and consistent data; collaborative workspaces, and data lineage and tracking; has become a daily challenge.

Join us for this webinar on Tuesday 3rd November 2020, at 2 PM (UTC +4) as we look at how epSHARE from Interica can offer an optimised remote working solution.

Find out why epSHARE is an essential tool for your team

epSHARE has been designed to support information management and business requirements of E&P companies. Developed on the most widely used platform, Microsoft SharePoint, epSHARE offers customised configurations tailored specifically for the way oil and gas companies not only manage their data but manage communication as an organization.

Benefits of epSHARE:

    • Fits seamlessly into existing SharePoint environments and licensing
    • EDMS tailored for Subsurface teams
    • PPDM data taxonomies
    • ArcGIS spatial integration
    • Supports data governance through automation
    • Powerful collaboration and communication functionality
    • Off the shelf solution with flexibility for customization of data

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