International oilfield services company, Reservoir Group, today announces the appointment of Simon Howes to head up Interica, the Group’s all-in-one data management business.

A former academic researcher at the University of Cambridge, Mr Howes spent more than a decade developing in-house software and hardware designed to automate and drive the research process. This was followed by several product marketing roles across the high technology industry, before a move to the microscopy division of Carl Zeiss, a market leader in the fields of optics and precision engineering.

In this role, Mr Howes successfully launched several unique solutions for the mining industry, most notably working in partnership with an oil and gas company to develop a ruggedized scanning electron microscope, designed to enable the automated rapid on-site analysis of drill cuttings, thereby revolutionising the speed and accuracy of wellsite mudlogging. Following the product’s launch, Mr Howes was invited to head up Reservoir Group’s data management business.

Mr Howes said: “As managing director, my primary aim is to grow Interica into a consolidated solutions’ provider to both the oil and gas industry and associated sectors, such as mining and renewable energy.

“My combined background in product marketing and market analysis means I will be able to lead Interica in the delivery of bespoke customer or market specific software solutions, with speed and accuracy. Reservoir Group is looking to expand its capabilities in the data management arena and I am delighted to have been given the chance to help the company realise its goal of creating an end-to-end service offering.”

A first for the oil and gas industry, the consolidated data management solution will allow companies to manage all wells information, from raw and stacked seismic data to the long-term storage of crucial files such as well logs and wellbore diagrams, vital for the long-term protection of a business.

“Ultimately, Interica enables energy companies to generate and control seismic data, protect this data at each decision gate – from drilling and coring to analysis, well monitoring and wellbore intervention – and finally, protect each company’s reservoir estimation calculations and associated data,” Mr Howes added.

“This is a unique offering, not only to upstream oil and gas businesses, but almost certainly to any data-centric industry. Several of our software products are unique within the energy sector and because they are vendor independent and hardware adaptable, provide all current and prospective customers with a total solution, irrespective of how they choose to process and store their valuable data.

“Interica will spend considerable time ensuring that we fully understand all of the markets in which we operate, enabling us to provide adaptable solutions designed to offer immediate support to our customers, with the flexibility to adapt to ongoing and changing requirements.”