Interica is pleased to announce the latest release of PRM/PARS featuring Automated Rule Based Archiving enhancements, a new capability for Supervisor Roles and several issue fixes. PRM/PARS gives users the capability to discover the G&G application project data and data sets they have on production disk, analyze the discovered metadata, and act on it; i.e. archive, restore, delete and replicate data across disk, tape, S3 and Azure storage.

Some of the new feature details are highlighted below:


Automated Rule Based Archiving (ARBA) Enhancements

It is always good to receive feedback on our products and at our Houston Lunch-and-Learn in May one user of our recently released Automated Rule Based Archiving capability volunteered that “ARBA pays for itself”. Nevertheless, we canvassed customers using ARBA to batch 100’s of archives at a time based on business rules against PRM metadata or based on a list of projects in a text file; and have implemented their feedback, adding the following enhancements to the ARBA feature in this release.

• Ability to automatically add manual metadata pre & post ARBA job run
• Ability to clone ARBA jobs across PARS catalogues, archive sets, application connectors & application groups
• Preview log contains number and size of projects to be archived in the ARBA job with totals
• ARBA uses a single job log rather than two, for less confusion
• Supports a pick list of “common” rules for easier use in building/changing an ARBA job


Supervisor Roles

This feature will be of particular interest to large multi-site customers who require additional granularity in the permissions granted to PARS Server and Module Administrators. It ensures that corporate rules are implemented consistently through the organisation.

The new roles and a summary of features include:

Server Supervisor – A subset of the PARS Server Admin Role

User Accounts. Full permissions to view, add, change and delete Users, Resource Manager Users, Server Supervisors and Module Supervisors. View only permissions for Server Administrators and Module Administrators.
Email. Enable and configure Email alerts.
Hosts. View only.
Licenses. View only.

Module Supervisor – A subset of the PARS Module Admin Role

Housekeeping. Review details on the archives that have been indexed and perform re-indexing.
Administration functions. Add/Edit against applications, destination, cloud endpoints, lookups and scan tasks are not allowed.
Global Rules. Add, change and delete Global Rules.
Archive. Perform Archive and Restore jobs on any catalogue, archive set and application connector.
Automated Jobs. Full access (if licensed).
Alerts. No access (if licensed).
Resource Manager View. Full access (if licensed).
Archive. Perform Archive and Restore jobs.
Backup. Full access.
Pending. Manage the Pending Queue.
Scheduler. Manage and View Scheduled jobs.



As always we have improved core PARS/PRM capabilities, including enhanced sparse file support to speed up performance and prevent out of memory issues. This allows efficient archiving even when there are 50 million holes in the sparse files.

In addition there are 30 notable improvements and issue resolutions including:
• Archive/Backup jobs complete when project discovery scan runs during backup task window.
• Project discovery scan no longer silently aborts if a file-system is not mounted
• The Job Monitor returns to the top when the list is auto-refreshed.
• PARS archive job log files are written completely for all archives that complete successfully
• Restore verify options in the parameter’s section of the application are now honoured
• The Overwrite flag for a Restore is now honoured and the restored files will overwrite the identical existing files


What’s coming up?


REST API & Map interface to PARS/PRM

• This utilises HTML5 and ultimately will replace the current Flash interface
• Users will be able to view live and archived project data on the same map
• The API provides interoperability with your business’ other applications

PARS in the Cloud

• In addition to utilising public and private cloud as a destination for archive storage we are working to certify PARS architectures in the cloud
• We expect to publish updated System Documentation and Reference Architecture

An IDS 4.0.1 GA release is expected in 2018.

• Web Server (Wildfly)
• HTML 5 Web interface to VMON and IDS_Windows

We look forward to showing you these new features and discussing future development with you.

Contact your regional account manager or to find out more…