Interica's Data Management Product Suite

The trusted, intelligent and cost-effective data management solution


Vendor Neutral

We are proud of our vendor neutral approach! Compatible with a wide range of Operating Systems, Applications and Hardware providers.

Connect to your Applications

Our products can connect with all your major E&P Applications to get the best out of your Data including Petrel*, R5000, EPOS and many more!

Any Storage Type

Whether you’re looking to go to Disk, Tape or the cloud Interica has you covered. We are compatible with and have experts in each type of storage.

Our Products

Artificial intelligence led platform for data search and visualisation for geoscience datasets, with advanced metadata on discovery from unstructured and structured sources. Powerful search and filtering.

Advanced archiving solution that allows a company to manage complex digital content for long term knowledge retention, compliance and storage management.

Manage data generated by multiple applications to report on your entire project landscape.

A flexible, high capacity software solution that simplifies the complexity involved in managing networked tape storage.


A proven, cross platform, software solution that controls tiered on-line data. Easy and flexible to use, it works automatically to match your policies, procedures, conventions and schedules


An integrated data management repository solution specifically designed to view and manage physical and digital stored E&P data.


A comprehensive solution specifically engineered for Subsurface teams requiring a flexible and agile approach to E&P data management.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our servers are in Dallas. Can we use this infrastructure on a global aspect?
What metadata is captured and how is it defined?
This comes down to the business decision of each Customer! Interica provide the expert knowledge and advice to help each Customer define the metadata they really need.
What is the average age of projects that people are restoring with your software?
We often see Users restoring projects in the region of 1 to 10 years old. However we have also seen people restoring projects from over 20 years ago!
We have far too many tapes! How can you help us rationalise these?
We’ve managed to help customers reduce their tapes by up to 85% through introducing best practices. Our PRM (Project Resource Manager) product can also give you a graphical view of the “mess” to demonstrate both the need and where to act.
Our data is spread across lots of areas and possibly includes duplicates. It comes from multiple different applications that we use. Can you provide a single view across all this?
Yes we can!

Combining PARS with PRM provides the ability to discover and analyse data across your multiple Applications and file systems and view this in a table or map format. PARS can then be used to Archive the relevant projects.

We want a system where we can automate archives that help reduce our total costs. What can you do?
We have recently added Automated Rule Based Archiving to PARS®. Interica experts can help you configure these rules to optimise your Data Management process across multiple applications.

Our solutions support Tape, Disk and Cloud via the S3 protocol to give you the best chance of reducing your storage costs and thus the total cost of ownership.

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