Project Resource Manager

Discover and Analyze your data

Project Resource Manager™ provides real insight into your E&P data landscape by analysing geotechnical project data across the enterprise.

Designed for use in an environment where projects have been generated by multiple applications, Project Resource Manager™ is the only tool available to provide a complete picture of the project data landscape.

Reporting on project sizes, project ages, Interpreter/user access and disk space utilisation, both data managers and IT can make informed data management decisions. Determining which projects should be kept live, updated, archived or deleted avoids duplication of work by asset teams and frees up disk space.

Project Resource Manager™ supports most major E&P geotechnical applications including: Landmark R5000, Schlumberger Petrel*, GeoFrame, Petrosys™ and IHS Kingdom® etc. The internal structure of Project Resource Manager™ allows other applications to be easily configured.

For each (G&G) application, Project Resource Manager will either extract project metadata directly from the applications database, or explore the file systems to determine project locations, examine the project files and automatically generate related metadata.

The front end graphical interface reports on the number and size of projects per applications and provides graphs showing disk usage per file-system broken down into project, un-structured data and free space.

View project spatial extents on an ESRI ArcGIS map, locating overlooked data and validating coverage of working areas.

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