Interica is pleased to announce a release of PARS with support for Azure storage destinations. Support has been introduced for the Azure protocol, enabling your organisation to send its PARS archives to Azure enabled object storage devices. Interica continues to partner with the industry’s leading vendors to provide scalable private, public and hybrid object storage archiving solutions. PARS gives users the capability to archive, restore, delete and replicate data across disk, tape, S3 and Azure storage. Some of the new feature details are highlighted below.

Azure Storage

Full support for the Azure Blob storage protocol/interface providing the capability to add an Azure object storage destination to PARS. Interica have certified PARS against Azure storage for archive, restore and delete archive in its laboratories and Beta tested in IOC laboratories. New features include.

  • Archives stored as one or more separate, configurable size segments on object storage mitigating file limits
  • Segments uploaded using multi-part uploads for fault tolerant fast upload speeds
  • Full or partial archive restoration by segment and partial read for fast, low bandwidth data restore
  • All UI configurable e.g. Azure endpoint and destination creation, segmentation size, read/write threads and part sizes


Automated Rule Based Archiving (ARBA)

ARBA has emerged because of our vision for PARS, plus collaboration and demand from customers and partners. ARBA allows PARS to automatically archive data through the scheduled application of policy rules that act on discovered metadata.

  • Define metadata aware rules e.g. software application type, version and application generated data, plus size, age, access date, etc.
  • Create and manage schedules for the system to automatically apply the rules
  • Preview the impact of a new rule before implementing it.
  • Define time slots and durations for rules to run.
  • ARBA manages QC, metadata collection and creation.
  • Smart enough not to re-archive successful projects from prior partial ARBA runs.
  • Option to run a rule once
  • Integrated with logging, audit, email notification and ARBA job logs
  • Pluggable architecture for rule implementation based on metadata from other data sources.


Updated PARS Connector Leveraging Blueback Project Tracker™

The latest release of our Connector providing the capability to Archive and Backup Petrel™ projects plus capture project statistics and store them in PRM™. The source for the metadata is Cegal’s Blueback Project Tracker DB via partnership with Cegal. Updates include:

  • 40+ meta data fields including External, Reference and Related seismic data
  • Ability to attached additional files to an Archive
  • Updating the Blueback Project Tracker database with an Archive flag (available with future Blueback Project Tracker release by Cegal in Q4 2017)



We have improved and enhanced PARS, updates include.

  • Migrated HTTPS and Single Sign On to the Wildfly application server
  • An upgrade tool for non-manual updating of the PARS system (Release 4.4.1+)
  • 20+ notable improvements and issue resolutions
  • Updated documentation


What’s coming up?


REST API & Map interface to PARS/PRM

    • This is the start of the process to replace the Flash interface with HTML5
    • Users will be able to view live and archived project data on the same map
    • The API provides interoperability with your business’ other applications

Connector integration to Schlumberger Studio/Find

    • Studio Seismic data archiving
    • Find index generation for supported Schlumberger applications

New supervisor roles

    • With privileges between administrator and user privileges
    • Enables controlled management of users and workflows

An IDS 4.1 GA release is expected in 2018.

    • Web interface and Db agnostic

We look forward to showing you these new features and discussing future development with you.

Contact your regional account manager or to find out more…