This major release in Q1 continues delivery of functionality from our previous 2016 ‘cloud release’. As more customers are looking to migrate oil and gas upstream data into cloud storage, we are pleased to introduce PARS Smart Verify. This provides data integrity checks and puts users in control of the data restored and associated costs during archive verification – for object storage and other supported destinations. Specifically, PARS® 4.4 supports:

  • A MD5 hash generated from the data to be transferred and is included in the message transferred to Cloud Object Storage e.g. Amazon S3 for an integrity check; obviating the need for a byte for byte verification.
  • A configurable amount of data is read back from Cloud Object Storage for byte for byte verification, further mitigating an already low corruption risk.

Alongside the increased functionality for cloud archiving, PARS® 4.4 gives customers the re-assurance of using the latest version of the industry standard enterprise application server, Wildfly 10, for the PARS Application. Wildfly 10 implements the latest Java Enterprise Edition 7 Full and Web Profile standards; the standard in community driven enterprise software. These developments provide our customers with following key features:

  • A reduction in the number of ports required to run the application server, mitigating security, and port conflict risks.
  • A platform for improved integration with other enterprise products e.g. future versions of Interica’s IDS.
  • Application start-up time is greatly reduced.
  • An improved installer.

Following the ‘cloud release’ of PARS, Interica has certified its PARS product with most of the leading Object Storage providers and we will be releasing details of this certification work on our Partner Page, which will soon be available on our website.