Interica is pleased to announce the release of PARS 4.3, the cloud release!

PARS now gives users the capability to archive, restore, delete and replicate data across disk, tape and now object storage. Support has been introduced for S3 destinations, enabling your organisation to integrate PARS with S3 enabled object storage devices. Interica has formed partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors allowing Interica to offer scalable private, public and hybrid object storage archiving solutions.

Details of the some of the new features are highlighted below:

S3 Destinations

Full support for the Amazon S3 protocol providing the capability to add an object storage destination to PARS. Interica have fully tested against multiple vendor’s object storage to bring capabilities for both public and private cloud storage.

New features include:

  • Archives stored as one or more separate, configurable size segments on object storage mitigating file limits
  • Segments uploaded using multi-part uploads for fault tolerant fast upload speeds
  • Full or partial archive restoration by segment and partial read for fast, low bandwidth data restore
  • All UI configurable e.g. S3 endpoint and destination creation, segmentation size, read/write threads and part sizes


New powerful capabilities to analyse live project data through Interica’s PRM solution. Users can now create unique filters to help discover and archive or delete duplicates ensuring data is managed in the most efficient way.

Features include:

  • Multi-column sort & advanced filtering
  • Saving and loading your analysis/views


We have improved and enhanced the PARS replication feature, allowing users to replicate between all supported destinations.

Updates include:

  • Improved user interface
  • Enhanced reporting and logging
  • Updated help documentation

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