Interica are pleased to announce the release of Interica OneView 6.3.

Use it to:

  • Discover the data in your data landscape via automated scans and the enhanced search bar
  • Analyze that data to understand its geospatial location, quality, completeness, redundancy, contents, etc. = VALUE
  • Act to Archive [Delete], Backup and Restore to/from Cloud, Disk & Tape
  • Ask questions of your data
  • Manage more data without tribal knowledge


New and enhanced functionality includes:

  • PARS Archive and Restore functionality migrated to HTML5
  • Display of Well & Seismic spatial data on map within project extents
  • Dynamic (on mouse position) Lat/Longs, plus zoom levels and scaling information all printed on the map for context
  • Data Summary Panel for application and project total counts & sizes
  • New charts – Projects Owned by User & Application Summary
  • Support for Oracle 19c, Edge Chrome Browser and latest ESRI ArcGIS libraries

Interica OneView 6.3 also includes new and or updated (continuously improved) application connectors for;

  • Petrosys Pro, Techlog (C-Data API), Paradigm/EPOS, Kingdom, R5000, Petrel Ocean, Petrel Blueback, Paleoscan, Kingdom, Studio Seismic and some bespoke connectors for our clients

To learn more about Interica OneView 6.3 or to speak with our team about upgrading please contact us.


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