Interica is pleased to announce the execution of an agreement in July 2013 with one of the world’s largest companies to provide its technology for a 5 year term. The agreement which will run from July 2013 is an important endorsement of Interica’s PARS archiving system and follows on from a successful user group meeting held in Houston in June with more than 20 oil company representatives. This latest contract secures a present user base that consists of more than 150 software installations.

This recent success follows on from the earlier Management Buy Out executed in February 2013 and represents a ringing endorsement of Interica’s technology provision as the company prepares to launch its new Project Resource Manager product.

Simon Kendall, the Chief Executive of Interica said “Interica’s Management is delighted to be able to conclude this agreement with a major user at an important time in Interica’s development. Coupled with a number of new sales, a very successful user group meeting and the forthcoming launch of a new product, Project Resource Manager, in September 2013 this is an exciting time for Interica”.

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Simon Kendall
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Notes to Editors:

The PARS system (Project Archiving and Retrieval System) has an extensive user base including now 6 of the world’s 10 largest oil companies. The system is licensed for use by its clients to protect their interpretations and data assets with regular retrievals of older data assets a key feature of the system.

A new product Project Resource Manager will be launched on the 1st of September 2013. With initial customer use already scheduled for the launch date this system will allow clients to interrogate their live discs to discover the data landscape created by a wide range of geoscience applications.

Interica management completed an MBO from Reservoir Group in February 2013 with the backing of an experienced investor group from Reservoir Group. Interica’s products are software agnostic and have been implemented in Linux and Windows environments inside our clients systems and have recently been expanded to support High Performance Computing centres.

Interica is a new name in the geoscience data management. The name is derived from Integrity one of our core values and an important aspect of data management and Terra of the earth). Interica was formed from the merger of the previous InfoAsset and Enigma Data companies that at the time were reservoir Group’s brand for all its data management activities.