Interica One View™ ArcGIS map interface provides 4x different visualisations for live and archived geoscience projects and base data (High level data clustering; Full project extents / centre points; Tight project extents and Project content).


What is Interica OneView™

Interica OneView™ enables fast discovery analysis and actions to extract critical information from structured or unstructured data. This applies across disparate file and application locations allowing large scale datasets to be managed, curated and analysed online.

Rich metadata management eliminates the challenges with generic solutions by maintaining visibility and accessibility of data. Interica’s advanced web-based visualisation, collaboration and workflow tools provide effective working on the same data sources, regardless of their device, location or domain.

Flexible automatic application of data policies and rules enables enterprises to maximise and streamline the value of existing infrastructure and data whilst integrating with the cloud.

The key provision of the system is the integration with 3rd party applications. The connectors, which are unique to Interica are part of the core IP of Interica with 30+ applications supported built on underlying Graph database and HTML5 technology.


What did we accomplish in this first release?

In launching Interica OneView™ first release, is our master plan to delivering AI driven solutions and Data Management in the Cloud. Interica discovers, gathers rich detailed and hierarchical metadata about all the unstructured and structured data managed by our clients across both live and archived locations and allow them to act on that information.

Our customers have seen us upgrading our framework for discovering, analyzing, and acting (Archive or Archive and Delete) on any application project data or data collection (e.g. seismic files, well files, etc.) in the last year. It now supports multiple destinations and provides data mobility to and from platforms; e.g. disk to cloud. Its HTML5 based web UI provides views and access to both live and archived projects/data. We have now added querying and archiving/restoring via the REST API.

Our customers wanted a live project browser, advanced spatial and specific search and Multiple object search. They got it. They wanted map based data selections and better metadata management. They got it.
They wanted a slicker, more intuitive UX? They got it.

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