RoQC and Interica are pleased to announce the release of new integration between RoQC Tools for Petrel and Interica OneView (including PARS). Leveraging Interica OneView’s open APIs, clients can use the powerful archiving workflows directly from within the RoQC Tools for Petrel interface.

RoQC Tools enable Data Managers to perform tasks that are usually time consuming and in as an efficient manner as possible. Being able to complete a task in one or two minutes, that normally could take days or weeks, RoQC Tools enables the Data Manager to increase efficiency and do more in less time. Data Quality Monitoring combining the archival of large project environments is now possible within RoQC Tools for Petrel.

The Challenge

Petrel project environments grow at a significant rate, while the work and intellectual property contained in each provides tremendous value to the owners, the project may be best preserved within an archive with rich metadata to describe its content. Deciding which projects need to be archived requires the consideration of many factors – a key factor being Data Quality. This can result in the user changing some information in the project prior to archive, or just checking that the project meets a minimum quality level.



While working in RoQC tools for Petrel clients can now initiate Interica OneView archive workflows from within the RoQC tools interface: Making archival and retrieval decisions based on Data Quality factors; streamlining the work processes, and seamlessly delivering improved decision-making capabilities directly to the Data Manager.



Interica OneView collects rich metadata across the petrotechnical application environment, it enables customers to discover, analyse, and act on their projects and data. Combining these workflows with RoQC’s advanced Data Quality management capabilities delivers a powerful new solution for Data Managers with automated capabilities an added cost saving.


Webinar Coming Soon!

Interica and RoQC will be running a webinar Introducing the RoQC integrator for Interica OneView on 9th September 2020. Details on how to register to attend will be posted on the Interica and RoQC websites.



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RoQC Tools for Petrel and Interica OneView

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