LONDON, June 18th 2015. Interica has released the latest version of its Project Resource Manager and PARS 4.2.

Interica is continuing its investment in and development of its leading software solution. The software, which provides significant proven cost savings for its clients of several millions of dollars as demonstrated by recent case studies.

The major features of this development include the following key features;

“This latest release of the Interica platform now supports Kerberos based Single Sign-on (SSO), the ability to update an archive job status, support for sparse files, performance improvements, and a number of specific customer requests. High performance archiving is one of our tenents and this release continues our development in this specialist area. In particular, for our seismic processing clients who require a robust and efficient solution, this version delivers new and additional capabilities building on significant and proven cost and resource benefits in a tiered storage architecture. Our clients appreciate the fact that the Interica platform can quickly archive to disk, replicate for disaster recovery, and rapidly restore” said Chris Bearce, VP Operations at Interica.

Commenting further on the cost savings that Interica’s clients can achieve, Simon Kendall the CEO of Interica stated, ”Our recent work with a cross section of our clients have demonstrated significant cost savings that show payback in well under 2 years of initial investment. Using our Project Resource Manager tool we are seeing duplications of interpretation projects running at an average 14% of all projects with associated direct disk costs but more importantly associated resource benefits where manpower is a restricted resource in the current environment.