Interica are proud to announce new integration with the OSDU Data Platform Mercury release.

Interica joined The Open Group OSDU™ Forum in 2019 and have been working closely with Amazon Web Services to develop new connectivity to the OSDU Data Platform. The integration enables Interica OneView to Discover & Analyse, through a single pane of glass, data stored in an OSDU environment as well as data stored in petrotechnical applications on-premise or in the cloud.

Interica OneView users can now compare and contrast available datasets wherever they may be, accelerating OSDU data migration. Utilizing the industry leading PARS archiving and data movement capabilities, Interica OneView users can Act and automate the clean-up of legacy data environments by archiving data to cloud based storage tiers, protecting the data and retaining access to rich metadata and spatial data and reducing cost.

Interica’s integration was recently featured as part of the OSDU Data Platform Mercury Release launch event on the 24th of March. Watch the video below.

Interica in partnership with AWS and OSDU

To find out more about the OSDU Data Platform on AWS and how Interica OneView’s integration can support your OSDU journey, register for the AWS OSDU Kick-Off event on April 6, 2021 where you can;


  • Learn about the OSDU™ Data Platform
  • Explore the new R3 production release and how our customers are using it
  • Share how AWS is enabling customers to reduce silos and fuel sustainable innovation

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