Petrosys acquired Interica in early 2020*, as an oil and gas sector leading, subsurface data management software company, and as Petrosys CEO Scott Tidemann explained, “Collectively we have industry leading 3rd party data connectors and R&D experience with a broad range of oil and gas subsurface knowledge.”

Upstream Oil and Gas Companies generate vast volumes of complex data through the use of diverse petrotechnical application workflows. These applications range from seismic processing and interpretation through to full static and dynamic reservoir modeling, with multiple discipline led workflow applications in between. The analysis, interpretation, and modeling completed through these applications become the Intellectual Property of the Oil and Gas company. This ultimately is the foundation of their value and what differentiates one company from another.

Petrotechnical data volumes continue to grow rapidly. It is critical for companies to design & deploy comprehensive and standardised data management strategies that result in a holistic view across this core and complex data landscape. Torbjørn F. Folgerø, SVP, and Chief digital officer at Equinor recently stated “Our operations generate huge quantities of data—26 petabytes per year, 50 times the US gene database. It’s not improbable that we will reach 2500 petabytes by 2030.”

Interica OneView delivers a unique, single pane of glass view across the entire petrotechnical application environment. Dynamically liberating rich data and metadata from applications, giving immediate insight into application, data, and user footprints. Interica OneView also offers out of the box connectivity to 35 petrotechnical applications from companies such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Petrosys, IHS, CGG, Paradigm, Eliis, and many more. The metadata and spatial data collected from these applications is normalized to enable querying across all applications, additionally, any application specific metadata to also collected. This enables:


  • Live data discovery – quickly ascertain data usage by application or user, detect data duplication across projects, understand quality, and explore data lineage all from a single interface or set of consistent APIs.
  • Automated actions – archive projects at agreed milestones and/or migrate projects & data when inactive, or support data migration projects. Build and simulate policies and their effect, based on the collected metadata. For example, to archive all data for a given field or license, to migrate all active Petrel data to file storage and all inactive to object storage or to archive all data relating to users that have recently left the organization.
  • Easy Restore – When organisations choose to move or archive these datasets to low cost object/blob storage, they can use the metadata to explore the project content without needing to bring project or dataset back online first. This reduces cost and results in the restoration of datasets users know they need – with confidence.

Current OneView Integration with Petrosys PRO

Interica OneView quickly identifies all Petrosys PRO projects that have been created within an organization before collecting any available metadata, spatial data, and images that are available within the projects. This includes Petrosys PRO reports, map sheets, project summary information, and associated geospatial and CRS data.

Users can quickly see all the data sources that were used to create their Petrosys PRO project, captured from an audit trail available in the summary information. All information is stored in Interica OneView and is continually updated with any subsequent scans.

Users can query their Petrosys PRO projects individually or in the context of other applications and datasets and use the Interica OneView charting, spatial, and query tools to analyse their Petrosys PRO data landscape.
Interica OneView archives your valuable Petrosys PRO maps at key milestones in your project’s lifecycle. These milestones can include: reaching an important conclusion, completion of the project, a major joint venture investment, or as part of reserves redetermination. If referenced data is held externally to the project in applications such as Schlumberger Petrel, IHS Kingdom or other 3rd party systems Petrosys PRO connects to, these references are stored with the archive.

The Interica OneView capability can work in harmony with the Petrosys PRO project crawler – a utility for extracting and collating summary information about large collections of Petrosys PRO files, such as all the grid files in a Petrosys PRO project. Regularly running the project crawler and keeping the associated metadata reports, will enrichen the data knowledge and information archived for Petrosys PRO projects (helpful on future restore) when used in combination with the Interica OneView setup.  Read More about the Petrosys PRO Crawlers.

Looking ahead. The roadmap for how these trusted technologies could evolve – input welcome!

The team is working collaboratively on the vision for extension of the present capability of Interica’s Petrosys PRO connector, with a focus on:

  1. A one button press intelligent map archiving capability – to help archive associated map and workflow data. The focus being to deepen the capture of maps at milestones, key audits, for JV meetings, and similar mission critical processes.
  2. An automated map archiving capability – tying into the popular Petrosys PRO surface modeling and volumetrics workflows. In particular, this is focused at the capture and management of deterministic and stochastic resource assessments.
  3. We are also considering the value in a wizard that guides the selected capture and archiving of a series of project maps and milestone information. Both to help feed a “map catalog” understanding of key knowledge and ensure vital data is effectively managed at project milestones.

Naturally, we anticipate making the data landscape, analysis, and archive tools richer through time based on active client needs and inputs. Our team is gathering the desired project needs now to plan the next innovation steps. If you have ideas and requirements to share or are interested to outline business challenges associated with this initiative – please pass them along to the teams.


Contact your Interica account manager and our technical support staff to find out how Interica OneView can further support your organisation’s challenges or to share your input on the roadmap.

Get in touch with Petrosys to find out more about Petrosys PRO.


*Petrosys and Interica are part of Vela, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU)

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