Intelligent Data Store (IDS)

Maximise the ROI for your tape library

IDS is designed to virtualise tape libraries and present simple networked black-box tape based storage.

This flexible, high capacity software solution simplifies the complexity involved in managing networked tape storage. IDS maximizes your efficient utilization of primary disk by providing fast data access to tape resident data. IDS provides very efficient concurrent access to limited tape library resources. IDS has proven performance and integrity for over 15 years.


IDS provides inexpensive, manageable storage which is easy to administer, providing excellent long term storage facility. Centralised tape management controls data integrity and reduces total cost of ownership.


Optimal data handling

The IDS suite is a robust set of tools that providing an excellent utilisation of tape libraries and optimises read/write performance for data intensive applications.


Flexible and application transparent

IDS provides highly automated tape library management, with media Copy, Shadow and Mirror facilities and powerful housekeeping utilities. The server can be accessed with a broad range of remote client tools and API functions, providing application transparent operation that is aligned with your business processes. In fact, we use IDS with our own software to complete our archiving solutions.

IDS has built-in support for most tape libraries including Virtual Tape Libraries.


Centralised Tape

  • Highly optimised networked tape storage facility.
  • Shares limited devices to many users and applications.

Pseudo (Virtual) Tape

  • Networked client (software emulated) tape devices ‘connected’ to a central library.
  • The tape device can be used by any application supporting traditional tape.


  • Tape Library becomes an FTP Site for remote clients.
  • Integrate Windows® files into backup and archiving activities.
  • Access your tape system from all over the world.

Command Line

  • Simple client commands to store and retrieve files.

Application Programmer Interface

  • Rapidly integrate IDS tape storage into your applications.