Following the announcement of the formation of GGS-Interica Limited, we are pleased to provide a further update on the exciting reprocessing project of the Persian Carpet 2000 dataset which was acquired by GGS from 1999-2005 and consists of 116,000 Km of MC2D data, 120 wells and 30,000 km of Gravity data. This project is concomitant to the announcement by The National Iranian Oil Co. (NIOC) of the 29 foreign pre-qualified companies to bid in its upcoming round of tenders to develop upstream projects in the country, in what is expected to become the biggest expansion of Iran’s gas and oilfields to Western investment. The dataset represents the definitive and only current MC2D and Pseudo MC3D dataset covering the entire Iranian Persian Gulf offshore and Iranian part of Oman Sea, and GGS-Interica has been reviewing the first technical outputs with companies interested in the new bidding process.

GGS-Interica has selected and received back first results from a number of test lines, which have the best geological representation of the entire Persian Carpet area, for a reprocessing trial to prepare for any offshore bidding in Iran. All selected lines are well connected and are evenly distributed over the whole survey, crossing wells (where available) with the most informative wireline well logs. The lines will help to define the best reprocessing sequence for the entire survey. These early reprocessing results, using the latest Demultiple and Broad Band processing algorithms, show significant improvement in the data. The seismic image has much better resolution with higher signal to noise ratio and better horizons continuity. This amplitude preserved reprocessing product will be a perfect platform for interpretation, AVO analysis, or seismic inversions.

All selected reprocessing lines are highly informative and provide a full geological and geophysical picture of this unique area, which has high potential for exploration and production activities. Looking at these lines, it is possible to observe and evaluate the impressive potential of different zones with roll overs; pre-Turonian pinch-outs and post-Turonian lobes; better defined reefs; and most importantly of all the stratigraphic prospects; together with pinch-outs.

Most selected lines are covering Persian Gulf which is fairly well explored and is rich with such well known oil & gas fields as Dorood, Salman, Sirri, South and North Pars, Ferdowsi, Golshan, Kish and many other fields. In the meantime, several lines were also selected in the undrilled area of Oman Gulf in order to demonstrate and evaluate both the high potential, as well as existing reprocessing challenges in this zone, which have plenty faults, salt domes, and other interesting geological structures.

Following the test reprocessing exercise GGS-Interica will be signing a definitive contract in the coming weeks to undertake the full reprocessing of the entire dataset. The commercial aim of this project is to finish the reprocessing to have a complete reprocessed package covering the offered blocks in time for the bidding process.
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