Interica presented its updated PARS project archival solution, now certified for public and private cloud storage. The company reports ‘first significant take up’ of data written into the public cloud. This leverages new functionality for data verification, encryption and segmentation to avoid size constraints and optimize transfer rates. Interica is cloud-agnostic and has been tested in multiple hybrid scenarios including running the app in the cloud searching for data locally and archiving to remote object/blob storage.

Data management automation has also been enhanced in response to the corporate de-manning. The first automation app is ARBA (automated rule-based archiving), used to generate archiving rules from project metadata and archival policies. Users can archive and/or delete thousands of projects and datasets at petabyte scale automatically. A new API makes Interica PRM and PARS more ‘open’. Also new is the Interica OneView platform, an HTML 5 map window into multi-cloud live and archived projects and data. The company is also working on a new graph database technology stack with GQL and Apache Tinkerpop that promises enhanced performance and flexibility for metadata management.