It is fair to say that in recent months the Oil & Gas industry has conquered some of its’ immediate fears around adapting to the idea of a remote working environment. IT and network teams responded quickly, and a baseline level of functionality has been established to accommodate the initial challenges, but what now? What is next for companies confronted with a global pandemic and commodity price collapse? Much uncertainty remains, but what is certain is that the “new” normal won’t be the same as the “old”.

The fact is, that even if the new world does look somewhat familiar, there will be a period of adaptation required to reflect on the risks associated with navigating subsurface teams through a global pandemic. Companies are evolving to respond to new challenges: Remote access, unconventional work scenarios, limited face to face and desk side interactions, staff rotations, restricted travel, etc. But, what about the technology that underpins the subsurface teams? Are our applications ready to deal with this? Let’s look at the challenges in more detail:

  1. Access to reliable data- remotely
  2. Interruptions in collaboration
  3. Dealing with remote working and geographically diverse teams
  4. Version control in a complex environment
  5. Variables in connectivity service/bandwidth
Is your subsurface team able to overcome these obstacles? Does your organisation have applications to support and sustain the “new” normal? With Interica’s epSHARE we can ensure the answer to these questions is yes, and then some.

epSHARE has been designed to support information management and business requirements of E&P companies and is a solution that aligns with the needs of optimised remote working. epSHARE is developed on the most widely used platform, Microsoft SharePoint and offers customized configurations tailored specifically for the way oil and gas companies not only manage their data but manage communication as an organization.

In addition, epSHARE provides a solution to the traditional problems that are associated with proprietary EDMS platforms that are not scaled to operate in an unconventional working scenario, such as:

  1. Access to reliable and consistent data
  2. Collaborative workspaces
  3. Data lineage and tracking
  4. Limited resource for training
  5. Limited scope for data governance
These issues can result in incomplete deadlines, compromised work quality, and lack of trust in peers because their work contribution is being impacted the same – but they can be overcome.

Benefits of epShare:

  • Fits seamlessly into existing SharePoint environments and licensing
  • EDMS tailored for Subsurface teams
  • PPDM data taxonomies
  • ArcGIS spatial integration
  • Supports data governance through automation
  • Powerful collaboration and communication functionality
  • Off the shelf solution with flexibility for customization of data
Lastly and more importantly, this pandemic has left many companies in a position where they are neither able to buy new software or even get to the office to build and work on new EDMS technologies to solve the remote working challenges. epSHARE allows companies to leverage an already available resource that is commonly provisioned by IT and therefore will reduce additional costs that come with finding new tools that are adaptable to the “new” normal.

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