Keep your team collaborating

As this global pandemic progresses, huge swathes of the professional sector are being asked to work from home.  This has posed significant problems for mainstream technology providers, like Microsoft, to refocus and adjust processes and development to accommodate the change.  As the industry catches up – and it will catch up – companies are faced with adapting to a new way of working and ensuring their employees have the infrastructure they need, including User identity and access, tools access, team collaboration, and data availability.

Interica has worked closely with its technology partners to develop applications like epSHARE which leverages the power of Microsoft’s centralized data management systems, business intelligent applications, and team collaboration platforms – no matter where a team is working from.


Why epSHARE is an essential tool for your team

epSHARE has been designed to support information management and business requirements of E&P companies offering customised configurations tailored specifically for the way oil and gas companies not only manage their data but manage communication as an organization.


5 key reasons to use epSHARE


1. Built on SharePoint, GIS enabled and tailored for the subsurface teams of today

Designed to take advantage of world’s most popular collaboration platform SharePoint and leveraging Esri ArcGIS and GeoJSON technology users can search through datasets in a way that is both logical and familiar. epSHARE is the new standard in subsurface EDMS.

2. PPDM industry standards

Using the latest Professional Petroleum Data Management data model to underpin highly efficient, extremely accurate, and fast automated data cataloging system.

3. Eliminate multiple sources, de-duplicate, validate and Standardise

epSHARE brings all your data into one final inventory accessible via secure ‘gold standard’ EDMS hosted in the cloud or on premise.

4. Agile, expandable, and easy to maintain document and records management

epSHARE can securely host employees, contractors, and consultants in multiple locations, providing comprehensive data store spanning geology, to geophysics, to regional business documentation and more.

5. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Centralised calendar announcement and discussion forms, team workspaces offering secure environments, and group specific interactive data libraries with enhanced search and sorting capabilities ensure that while your team may be far apart they are able to keep collaborating.


For more information on how Interica can help your company through its remote working challenges, see epSHARE.