Data Services

Oil and Gas companies acquire large volumes of data of various vintages and quality, and often require support in managing and preserving the integrity of these datasets. Interica’s data services support the full lifecycle of data management and our service portfolio can provide best in class point solutions, or comprehensive outsourced capabilities.

Data Storage

Digital and physical E&P assets are valuable for Oil and Gas companies and it is therefore important to have a safe, reliable and cost effective storage solution. Additionally, legal and compliance requirements, company risk management procedures as well as contract obligations typically request an off-site storage facility for safeguarding digital and physical records. Based within easy reach for all London airports, Interica has been providing secure physical media and document storage facilities specifically for the Oil and Gas industry for over 15 years. Our dedicated, fully trained and industry experienced team provides an integrated approach to the     management of geological, geophysical and geotechnical data assets throughout their lifecycle.

Data Transformation

Protecting data on legacy media should be a priority for most companies. Valuable data assets may not be retrievable if stored on obsolete tape media or hard copy medium. Interica have the capability to read most media types and data formats and remaster the data to current industry acceptable media and recognised SEG formats. At the same time collect valuable metadata to create or enhance existing catalogues. Data that is on hard copy such as Well Logs, Maps, and Sections are converted to digital form by Scanning, Digitising, and Seismic trace reconstruction.

Enhanced Seismic QC capabilities

Interica provides comprehensive, experienced and independent Seismic QC services. Our QC software allows you to build seismic Table of Contents (TOC), to ensure that your data fully complies to your own custom standards. These TOC capabilities can ensure that the correct data is populated throughout the trace headers, and can highlight any gaps found immediately.

  • Clients use TOC files for many purposes including:
  • Uploading of tape content metadata to a corporate/master data store
  • Via SQL scripts, XML, Web Services, CSV files etc.
  • Quality control procedures
  • Extracting survey/dataset geometries
  • Data sequencing
  • Comparisons between existing tape indexes and actual contents of referenced tape
  • Production of detailed tape labels (that guarantee to match the tape contents)
  • Business Rules and compliance checks

Subsurface Data Management Services

Interica are experts in the efficient and professional management of subsurface data, supporting Oil and Gas companies with diverse projects such as:

  • Advisory services
  • Data audits
  • Organisational process & review
  • Project management
  • E&P content profiling services
  • Workflow/dataflow mapping
  • Bespoke application & database development
  • Information management training
  • G&G applications & database support
  • Data archiving services
  • Data loading services


Resource Provision

Interica can provide a range of skilled professionals to work onsite at client’s offices for short or long-term assignments. Interica’s consultants have both general E&P data management knowledge along with specialist capabilities covering many unique areas. Interica is a global organisation and our resources can be deployed quickly and efficiently to meet company’s needs.

National Data Repositories

Industry Problems

NDRs are a vital tool in the commercialisation of subsurface state assets, but the main focus of the commissioning agency is to drive sales value. The detailed mechanics of handling the NDR process involve significant effort, time and complexity, to ensure controlled disclosure and sale of the assets. An effective outsourced solution is an ideal, efficient strategy to adopt in most instances.

The Solution

The principles of Interica’s approach to subsurface asset management are ideally suited to the creation and commercialisation of NDRs. We can provide a one stop, full service solution for asset repositories, scaled and fully tailored to your specific requirements. Virtual and physical resources are combined to provide secure, confidential access to data for bidding companies. This can cover everything from facilities management, through easy digital data access, to negotiation and final agreed sales transactions and administration. Your clients will be engaged and asset sales will progress, consistently, effectively and efficiently.