Global Geo Services AS (GGS), a Norwegian oil service company with its primary asset the seismic data library Persian Carpet 2000, and Interica Limited UK; a leading Data Management and Data Solutions Company, are pleased to announce the formation of GGS-Interica Limited UK.

The principle dataset to be managed, licensed and made available to the industry is the Persian Carpet 2000 dataset that was acquired by GGS from 1999-2005; and consists of 116,000 Km of MC2D data, 120 wells, 30,000 km of Gravity data. All the data have been interpreted and is available in Kingdom or Petrel workstation formats.This dataset,  which is the definitive and only current MC2D and Pseudo MC3D dataset covering the entire Iranian Persian Gulf  offshore and Iranian part of Oman Sea will be marketed by both GGS and the Joint Venture GGS-Interica to companies interested in the new bidding process which industry widely expects to be in early 2017.

GGS has selected Interica UK as its Joint Venture partner, enabling the offering of New PC 2000 based products to the industry. Interica being a United Kingdom based leading Data Management / Data Solutions company. Interica has been contracted by GGS  to undertake an exercise to ensure that as custodian of the data the entirety of the dataset is understood, catalogued and undergoing re-mastering through the summer of 2016.

To ensure quality test processing, and a full scale re-processing of the PC 2000 data and development of new related products; a non-transferable PC 2000 license has been provided to GGS-Interica.

As a result of this work GGS-Interica has selected a number of representative lines for reprocessing trial during the autumn period to prepare for any offshore bidding in Iran. Early results, using the latest Demultiple and Broad Band processing algorithms show a great improvement in the data. This amplitude preserved reprocessing product will be a great platform for interpretation, AVO analysis, or seismic inversions.

GGS-Interica will be selecting a company in the coming weeks to undertake the reprocessing of the entire dataset which, at the time of acquisition was the largest 2-D dataset in the world. The aim is to complete the reprocessing within a 10-12 month window and to have a complete reprocessed package covering the blocks to be offered offshore Iran in time for the bidding process. A further Press Release will be made before year end on the award of the reprocessing contract by GGS-Interica.

For more information please contact Katerina Krylova, Business Development Manager at +44 7867355227, or email at