With the end of the year in sight, it is fitting to reflect on the changes in Interica and its product suite over the past year. It has been a momentous year in both the company’s history and its range of products, 2020 will, despite a global pandemic, live large in the overall progression of Interica.

In February of this year, a process that started at the end of 2019 came to fruition as Interica found our new forever home with Petrosys as part of the Vela operating division of Constellation Software. My personal thanks to Scott Tidemann, Jonathan Drake, and Damian McKay, who some of you might know, for having faith in Interica and seeing the value of the hard work all the employees had put into the product and services development over the previous 7 years of management ownership.

This has been a year of great progress on several technical fronts and I have to particularly note the commercial adoption, by a number of clients, of our epShare product which combines a hierarchical PPDM data model in SharePoint™ with ESRI™ mapping software. If you are a SharePoint user with a subsurface need this is a really specialised development tool and for all you subsurface data managers and geoscientists maybe not something you would normally associate us with. Read more about epSHARE here or watch the live recording of the recent epSHARE webinar.

In our more traditional stomping ground, we have continued to develop and expand our software with the release of Interica OneView™ v6.3. This has been an exciting year for Interica OneView™, not only have we removed the dependency on Flash, which by the time you read this will have been depreciated, but we have also added a substantial new set of features. Our unrivaled connector bundle will allow you to look into the majority of geoscience applications such as Petrel™, PaleoScan™, and Techlog™ to name but a few. With the normalisation of our metadata service within the graph database, we can now interrogate not only the archives you take to preserve business critical information but also live file systems.

Click here to read more about the RoQC Integrator with Interica OneView, which illustrates how our technology can be leveraged in new and exciting ways such as seeing spatially where a well has been part of a petrotechnical analysis in multiple applications. In the move to Interica OneView, we have been working on both simplifying and giving more value to our clients, this will include the simplification of the core functionality and bundling of our connectors. We will be telling you more about these developments early in 2021.

We have similarly been busy developing relationships and have integrated and partnered with companies such as AWS, Microsoft, Schlumberger, and Dell Technologies. We are grateful to all these companies for working with us and are looking forward to rolling out new functionality early in the new year. Right now, my colleagues, together with Druv Vashisth at AWS are finalising a video presentation of our ability to move data into OSDU and run Petrel in AWS. We will showcase this cool new feature early in 2021 via a new video.

As the year draws to a close I want to also pay tribute to all my colleagues who have worked hard in what has been often difficult times to support our clients, whether that is through the delivery of our technical roadmap, or delivering services and support remotely and across multiple time zones. I have published an anonymous tribute to one of our employees who was directly recognised by a very important client. It is always gratifying to get these accolades.

It is with sadness I must mark the passing of a former colleague, Dave Harbour, who passed away two weeks ago following his retirement at the end of 2019. He was known to a number of our clients and our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Normally I would have visited multiple countries renewed professional contacts as well as friendships that have been forged over my time at Interica but this year has been different. I look forward to and I am hopeful that I will be seeing many of you in the coming year.

We await 2021 eagerly and will be delivering to our ongoing mission of Discover, Analyse, and Act.

Simon Kendall, C.E.O